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TALENT EMPORIUM CONSULTING- Specializing in management consulting

Talent Emporium Consulting is a business division within Talent Emporium that provides seamless and integrated business/management consulting services including the following key areas:

Organisational Development and HR Consulting, including but not limited to:

- Change Management strategies
- Culture and climate surveys
- Skills Audits
- Performance Management Systems ~ including balance score cards
- Organisational Designs
- Job evaluations
- Job profiling
- Psychometric assessments
- Mentoring and coaching

Business Performance improvement

- Business process re-engineering
- Balance score card

Transformation related consulting and interventions:

- Employment Equity strategies and plans
- Gender mainstreaming audits and programmes
- Disability audits and programmes

Public Service specific interventions

- Monitoring and Evaluation
- Impact Assessments
- Batho Pele strategies and programmes

- Development of Service Delivery Improvement Programme(SDIPs)
- Development and implementation of innovative service delivery strategies and plans
- Citizens Report
- Batho Pele customer service training

Large Scale Survey and Research