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Talent Emporium Academy has a comprehensive range of service offerings, focusing on individuals, teams and the whole organization. Our services and programmes are designed based on the needs of clients and include the following:

Project Management Services

The project management services entail the following:

  • Client representation
  • Feasibility studies and project briefings
  • Selection and appointment of professional teams
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Cost, time and quality control
  • Risk analysis, assessment and mitigation
  • Community consultation and facilitation


We provide facilitation services in qualifications, Skills Programmes and Short Courses. The programmes include a high level of mentoring, personal action plans as well as application exercises to ensure that new skills are successfully mastered and utilized by employees.

Material Development

  • Designing and developing learning materials
  • Re-aligning existing materials to outcomes-based standards

Competency Assessments

We provides a wide range of assessment centre techniques aimed at identifying development needs – for the individual and the organization as a whole, resulting in:

  • Each employee having a unique developmental plan tailored to his/her current developmental needs; and
  • Cost effective training since only needs driven needs is attended.

Skills Development Facilitator Services

We provide technical assistance with workplace skills plans:

  • Register at the relevant Sector Education and Training Authorities SETA(s) as the client's Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)
  • Conduct a Skills Audit
  • Compile a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and submit it to the relevant SETA
  • Monitor the implementation of the WSP
  • Develop annual Skills reports and submit it to the relevant SETA

Assessments and Moderation

We provide workplace assessments to employers and candidates as well as moderation on selected unit standards. Our team of accredited assessors and moderators ensures professionalism in providing feedback, recommendations and reports to relevant stakeholders.

HR consulting

Talent Emporium Academy provides a wide range of holistic and complementary organizational development and management consulting services. Our strategies, tools and services are designed to address the client’s requirements and include:

  • Skills audits
  • Job evaluations; job grading and job profiling
  • Performance management
  • Talent retention and succession planning
  • HR strategy development
  • Policy Development
  • Climate surveys
  • Organizational Wellness
  • Diversity management
  • Change Management
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Organizational Structure Development
  • Institutional Performance Improvement and Turnaround
  • Service Delivery Improvement
  • Batho Pele strategies
  • Knowledge Management
  • Team building/ team effectiveness
  • Facilitation