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PERFORMANCE DYNAMIX - Assessment and leadership development specialist division

Our clients use a variety of assessment tools for different purposes including, but not limited to:

- Individual and team profiling in order to assess strengths, development areas, etc in order to improve team and or individual performance
- Training and development ~ including the development of Personal Development Plans (PDPs)
- Recruitment and selection
- Career counselling, pathing and development
- Team building

Performance Dynamix therefore provides the following specialist services:

Psychometric Assessments

Talent Emporium has at its disposal a variety of cutting psychometric batteries/tools to suit the specific needs and circumstances of our clients.

Talent Emporium also prides itself with its unwavering adherence to compliance requirement with regards to the usage of psychometric assessments. Compliance issues include:

- Psychometric assessments are strictly only by duly qualified and registered psychometrists
- Qualified and professionally registered Psychologist with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
- Usage of culturally unbiased tools

Assessment Center

Assessment centers are used to assess behavioural attributes and practical skills related to various job demands via observation of behaviour. Assessment methods can include psychometric assessments, practical exercises or work samples and interviews.

Typical exercises used in assessment centers include but are not limited to:

- in-basket exercises,
- role plays,
- group discussions and
- practical problem solving exercises

In our assessment center, we use a combination of instruments to assess suitability of candidates to various jobs or competency levels in order to determine developmental needs of candidates.

Management of Development Center

Development centers use a combination of assessment tools to determine candidate's areas of strengths and development. These tools are chosen according to client's needs and always agreed with the client beforehand.

Talent Emporium compiles a comprehensive report on the assessment of a candidate, report that includes a summary of their assessment results and a suggested development plan to address areas identified for development.

Vocational/Career Guidance

Clients are assisted in discovering various career choices by following various processes including conducting assessments using various tools, discussions with a client regarding results, discussion and agreement of action plans.

Mentoring and Coaching

Within the Performance Dynamix division we also offer our clients structured, comprehensive and tailor-made mentoring and coaching programmes and interventions according to the unique and specific needs of our clients.

Such mentoring and coaching programmes are offered for various levels of personnel within organizations ~ right from executive (including CEO level) up to other lower levels.