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  • QUALIFICATION TYPE: National Certificate
  • QUALITY ASSURING BODY: LG SETA - Local Government and related Services Sector Education and Training Authority


The purpose of the qualification is to enable qualifying learners to apply strategic level financial management competencies to ensure effective, efficient and economical utilisation of public funds and resources at local government level. Learners will develop competencies to manage strategic planning and budgeting processes, financial management processes and internal control, auditing and reporting processes. Individual learners will benefit through enhancing their personal competencies, knowledge and skills so as to be able to complete tasks required in their employment contracts and by legislation.

Business and commerce will benefit through this qualification as it will assure commonality of practice between public and private sector financial management practices.

Social and economic transformation is a core responsibility of local government. Through increasing the financial management capacity of government office bearers and employees the social and economic programmes of government will be implemented effectively, efficiently and economically.

The qualification serves to provide the opportunity for new and existing public sector employees to gain financial management competencies. In this light it serves to allow access to management positions for groupings previously excluded from such positions. Through providing financial management competencies South Africa's democracy can be strengthened, through strengthening the ability of local government to deliver. Delivery of services, and most importantly of basic services will contribute to the social and economic development of the country. As individuals competencies improve, the quality as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of local government will improve. Managers with competencies in financial management will assure that all processes of budgeting, financial management, internal control, auditing and reporting meet the conditions of relevant legislation and in this way are accountable to the public.

Core 116345 Apply the principles of budgeting within a municipality Level 5 15
Core 116342 Apply approaches to managing municipal income and expenditure within a multi-year framework Level 6 15
Core 116340 Apply costing principles to municipal operational and service-based costing Level 6 11
Core 116339 Apply risk management in South African municipalities Level 6 10
Core 116346 Apply techniques and South African statutes to cash and investment management in a municipal environment Level 6 10
Core 116344 Apply the Inter-governmental Fiscal Relations Act to municipal financial management Level 6 10
Core 116347 Contribute to capital planning and financing Level 6 15
Core 116358 Contribute to the strategic planning process in a South African municipality Level 6 15
Core 116362 Manage a municipality's assets and liabilities Level 6 11
Core 116353 Participate in the design and implementation of municipal supply chain management Level 6 12
Core 116364 Plan a municipal budgeting and reporting cycle Level 6 8
Core 116363 Prepare and analyse municipal financial reports Level 6 12
Fundamental 116343 Apply the principles of ethics in a municipal environment Level 6 10
Fundamental 116348 Conduct stakeholder consultation around municipal finance programmes Level 6 8
Elective 116351 Conduct auditing planning and implementation in a South African municipality Level 5 12
Elective 337063 Demonstrate knowledge and insight into the principles of monitoring and evaluation in assessing organisation and/or programme performance in a specific context Level 5 5
Elective 337059 Apply monitoring and evaluation approaches and tools to assess an organisation's or programme's performance in a specific context Level 6 15
Elective 116341 Conduct performance management to a South African municipal environment Level 6 12
Elective 116357 Design internal control and internal control evaluation framework Level 6 8
Elective 116361 Interpret South African legislation and policy affecting municipal financial management Level 6 8
Elective 116360 Manage information technology resources in a municipal finance environment Level 6 8
1. Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of municipal finance issues in general, and their areas of focus in particular.

2. Apply economic principles to municipal finance management.

3. Assess foundations and principles of municipal practice in South Africa.

4. Implement well-grounded and systematically developed principles in municipal financial management.

5. Proffer solutions to municipal service management and delivery problems.

6. Engage with the broader field of municipal finance management.

7. Support as a strategic management leader in the field of municipal finance management.

8. Contribute to others' understanding of current and emerging municipal finance issues.

9. Demonstrate responsibility and adaptability as a professional in a municipality setting.

  • Lines of debate in the field of municipal finance and local government legislative framework are understood and can be explained orally.
  • Literature within municipal financial management can be critically assessed and its application explained in context.
  • Legislative requirements and guidelines are applied creatively and imaginatively.

  • Knowledge, skills and competences are applied to specific areas of municipal operation.

  • Knowledge is analysed and applied in different areas of municipality operations.
  • Sound principles about municipal finance management, with particular reference to service delivery, are applied in terms of established policy.

  • Claims and conclusions about implemented policy are justified with appropriate evidence and argument.
  • Reports of work relevant to decision-making are provided and analysed in a municipality context.

  • Independent analyses of data is provided in a manner that entails recent developments in recent developments and international best practice for municipal finance applications.
  • Inquiries in the field of municipal finance management, local government development or development, are conducted and their findings are reported in appropriate ways.
  • Investigations are planned and conducted using appropriate information gathering techniques.

  • Already developed frameworks are applied according to policy.
  • Findings are communicated in written and oral form to a wider audience.

  • Assigned activities are managed and value commitments are made to enhance performance.
  • Debate with learning or professional groups in municipal finance in an interactive manner.

  • Discussion on finance issues are facilitated in an informed and visionary manner.

  • Reflect on values and responsibilities appropriate to strategic management and professional leadership.
  • Testimonials